A Witch's Guide to Intimacy, Sex Positivity + Herbal Aphrodisiacs
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A Witch's Guide to Intimacy, Sex Positivity + Herbal Aphrodisiacs

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A 26 page zine filled with discussion questions to aid you in understanding, embracing + communicating your sexual needs. This workbook helps you to step into your sexual power, and asks you to contemplate your beliefs around intimacy, pleasure, sex, and love while navigating cultural expectations that often shame + exclude.

Whether its igniting desire, openness + excitement with a partner(s), mending a broken or bitter heart, promoting love + acceptance with yourself, or restoring a overworked nervous system so you can fully experience all forms of pleasure, this zine will aid you in establishing a relationship with six plants and their unique, sensual magic.

An introduction to some of the more well known (and fun!) sexual health herbs, the zine covers the curative and erotic uses of Rose, Kava Kava, Damiana, Ashwagandha, Oat + Cocao and includes aphrodisiac recipes + an interactive practice section to help encourage a thriving sexual relationship with yourself + your lover(s).

This zine shares where to buy herbs, including a list of medicine makers and small scale farmers listed by state so that you can support those in your area.

Second Edition, formerly Devil's Pie!